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Why Two (2) Minute Explainer Videos

Why Two (2) Minute Explainer Videos

Why Two (2) Minute Explainer Videos

You need to target for your explainer video not to be more than 2 minutes.   However, some products or services need just 90 seconds to be explained, while others might need twice as much time because of their complexity. It’s not only the length that’s important. You can have an explainer video lasting thirty seconds that is simply too boring, and another that’s 180 seconds yet is enchanting because of its story.

Think of it like this: we’re willing to watch a two-hour long movie. Why? Great story. The “two-minute rule” for explainer video length is not set in stone, but should remind you of how important it is to keep it as short as possible. Why?

1. Digital Competition

Due to our digital lifestyle, there are just too many other communication mediums in competition with an explainer video: e-mails, calls, newsfeeds, and timelines. Don’t make your viewers feel that you’ll steal some of their precious time!

2. Personal Schedules

Before clicking the play button to watch your explainer video, your viewers can see how long the video is. Timing isn’t illusive – if they see that it will take more time than they have available or are willing to spend on the topic, they are going to skip it. People always have one minute, but hardly ever have ten.

3. Minute Limits: Numbers Don’t Lie!

If someone already started watching your video then notices it is ten minutes long, they may press ‘stop’ within the first 30 seconds. However, if a person sees it will take them a maximum of two minutes to watch the video, their motivation to finish the video is much higher. But hey, that’s what we want! Towards the end of the video is when some of the magic happens: the solution becomes clear and the call to action takes place.

4. Creative Facts

Now that you understand the magic behind explainer video length, there’s another nice benefit of being forced to keep it short. You really learn to focus on the most important facts and leave out anything unnecessary. Why? Within the first eight seconds, the viewer decides whether what they see is important and relatable to them. Therefore, you have to catch their attention within an 8 second time frame.

So, keep your explainer video not just short, but compelling too: make it a two-minute-blockbuster.


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