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Eight Interesting Facts About Explainer Videos

Eight Interesting Facts About Explainer Videos

Eight Interesting Facts About Explainer Videos

Explainer Video Fact No. 1: Videos increase conversions 

  • Videos placed on your page can increase conversions up to 80% or even double the number of sales.

Explainer Video Fact No. 2: Higher arousal of interest

  • While a text-based website will keep the visitors’ attention for a maximum of eight (8) seconds on average, a website with an explainer video is able to keep the visitors’ attention for about 2 minutes.

Explainer Video Fact No. 3: Maximum length

  • Your explainer video shouldn’t be longer than two minutes. We’ll give you some more reasons for that 2-minute-rule. Check out our explainer video on why 2-minutes.

Explainer Video Fact No. 4: To be remembered

  • If we get a message via video, we will be able to remember 95% of it. When reading a text-only message, only 10% of it will be remembered.

Explainer Video Fact No. 5: High-speed information

  • Our brain processes the information seen in an explainer video 60,000 times faster than it would with the same information provided in text.

 Explainer Video Fact No. 6: On to page 1

  • Oh yeah! Your explainer video can help you to get a better page rank on Google. The mix of text, images, explainer videos, and other multimedia elements is an indication for quality content.

Explainer Video Fact No. 7: Make the best of short attention spans

  • Do you remember stumbling upon a website and really not understanding what it is about?  Now remember that our average attention span is just 8 seconds nowadays, meaning we will give that website just a small amount of time to arouse our interest. Otherwise we are gone,  and likely gone forever. An explainer video will increase the chance that visitors will understand your product (or service) during their first homepage visit by 74%!

Explainer Video Fact No. 8: Boost sales

  • After customers watch an explainer video on a website, they are 85% more likely to purchase the product or service. So if your website aims at generating sales, an explainer video is a must.


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